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Review ~The Nine Lives of Chloe King:The Fallen ~ Cele noua vieti ale lui Chole King:Caderea~

Purple: Romanian

Title: The Fallen(vol 1)
Series: The Nine lives of Chloe King
Author: Liz Braswell (writing as Celia Thomson)
Publisher:Simon Pulse
Editura:LEDA(Tirlu ro:Cele noua vieti ale lui Chloe King:Caderea)
Romanian Cover                             Tie-in cover

I'm gonna make an A to Z review for this book.
A- Amy - is Chloe's best friend. Their relationship is facing some problems in this book, but in the end  they manage to solve them and remain best friends.
B- Brian - is an interesting character in this book and turns to be somebody else than it was believed at the beginning.
C- Chloe - the main character in this book. She's a teenager with an unusual problem:she has cat abbilities. Her personality is very dinamic and strong and the reader will definitely like her.
D- Death - Believe it or not Chloe really dies in this book. Her death changes a lot in her life.
E-Energy - it's a word that could describe the whole series. It has a lot of action and you can't get bored.
F-Friends - Chloe loses her friends in this first book but gets them back.Plus, she can't be sure who's her friend and who's not.
G-Growing - Chloe becomes a little bit more mature in the book and learns a lot of lessons after her change.
H-Heart - Chloe is very confused about her feelings but everything works out in the end
I - Ilychovich - it's Alyec's last name. Alyec is one of the boys Chloe is attracted to.
J- Jose Brooks - is the actor that plays Xavier in the ABC series.
K- King - Chloe's last name. To be mentioned that Chloe's parents are not her real one. She was adopted and was born in USSR.
L-Liz Braswell - the author of the book. She did a great work.
M- Mother - Chloe's relationship with her mother becomes a better one in the end
N- Nine - it's the number of lives Chloe has. She lost one at the beginning of the book and remains only with eight.
O- Order of the Tenth Blade - Chloe's enemies.
P- Paul - Chloe's best friend along with Amy. Amy and Paul start a relationship in this book, which brings some trouble to Chloe.
R- Russia - Alyec is from Russia, so the country is mentioned a few times in the book.
S- Skyler Samuels - the actress that plays Chloe in the ABC series
T- Thomson - Celia Thomson is Liz Braswell's pen name for this series.
U - USSR - Chloe was born in a country that was part from the USSR
V- Video Games - Liz Braswell produced video games before becoming a writer
W- Website - http://www.themessydesk.com/ authors webside
X-Xavier - another guy Chloe is attracted to in the beginning
Y- Young Adult - The book's genre
Z- Ziffren -John Ziffren is an executive producer of the TV series

Story: 5
Way it was written: 4,5
Overall effect: 4,5

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